Programs Provided By Ally's Haven

Medical Treatment
  • Provided to those placed into the program, which without treatment would need to be euthanized or live a less than desirable life
  • Providing each animal individualized therapy for optimal results- both physically and emotionally
Transitional Care
  • Providing the follow-up care needed to achieve the best possible results to ensure quality of life
Foster Care 
  • If an animal is proven safe and sound we look to place with foster families. We retain ownership of every animal to ensure that special needs are addressed. The cost of fostering in a tax deduction
Support Care
  • For those that are not able to be placed and those retired from pervious placement live at the ranch and receive everything to ensure quality and a comfortable life
Catastrophic Assistance
  • Assisting animals that are victims of events such as wildfires and tornadoes where their families have suffered financial hardship and/or homeless with no means of providing for their animals; many of these animals are in need of medical attention
  • Placement assistance for equines whose owners can no longer care for them
Service Horse Retirement
  • Placed at the sanctuary to live out the remainder of their life with the quality of care they’ve earned for their contributions to society


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