Welcome To Ally's Haven Equine Sanctuary

Mission Statement
To provide sick or injured equines an opportunity to be rehabilitated, and then to place them in homes matching their physical and mental capabilities. Those unable to move on to a family or another career due to age, health, physical or emotional reasons remain at the sanctuary to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

Our Belief
On a daily basis horses make a contribution to all of our lives. Mounted Patrol horses are utilized across the country - their uses are many - everything from crowd control, to search and rescue missions, to tracking prison escapees.

Horses are not only strong, they are gentle. These animals have the power to instill confidence and self-esteem. It is their power that therapists across the country harness to bring about dramatic changes in physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged persons. You only need to see someone's face light up the first time they are placed in the saddle to understand the impact these animals can have on a life.

We are dedicated to providing rehabilitation to those that have been injured in the hope that they will be able to return to the community service arena. If that is not possible, Ally's Haven is a place for these equines that have worked so willingly, to live out the rest of their lives with the quality of life they deserve. It is our belief at Ally's Haven that we all share in the responsibility of caring for these animals that have served unselfishly.

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